Deniz Inan & The Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra

designed by Deniz Inan

This event is the first project of the vietnamese conductor Đỗ Kiên Cường and the german composer Deniz Inan. After an exciting period of rehearsals  accompanied by a respectful friendship between the conducter and the  composer, both musicians revealed the beginning of a very special musical journey.

The compositions of Inan’s second album “Kayo’s Journey” let the audience embark on a musical journey and lead them to a new and undiscovered world. The nine piano pieces of this album have an interaction of diverse elements of High Romanticism, Impressionism, Jazz and New Age and present the very own composing style of Deniz Inan.

The two orchestra pieces are conducted by the well-known and famous vietnamese conductor Đỗ Kiên Cường who expresses the whole beauty and elegance of the Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra.

My Music

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