About me

Music is the entrance to an entire world. This art enables to combine beauty, elegance, power and expression. No other art has ever managed to do the same. It has been looking for its equals in creation and enhancement. Music resembles an interaction of creativity, the will to create, commitment and reverie. It pursues only one purpose: to reflect one’s own emotions in their most purest and most innocent way. It is a sound of your soul. This is the way I have always approached music. Based on this approach I compose and interpret my music. Composing means withdrawing in my own world. Withdrawal, in turn, does not mean to hide yourself or to conceal your thoughts. It is the opposite. Seclusion is what I need to let my music become alive. It shall be as free, impartial and clear as possible. And it shall be played and listened to in its most purest and innocent form. You shall approach it naturally and free but not in exaggeration and concealment. So you shall approach it the way you feel and with honesty. Only through this, a connection between listener and artist can be created.

Music, this fragile, temporarily limited moment, has to live and breathe and bursts into life in its moment of creation. The most beautiful and enchanting, but simultaneously most difficult aspect of music is to create the very present moment all over again. This moment with its huge range of uninhibited emotions and honesty wants and has to become alive. This moment should, therefore, be encountered with love rather than with doubt... 

Another astonishing characteristic of music is its lightness with which it crosses boundaries easily. Those can be geographical, social, linguistic or cultural boundaries and none of them are crossed by the means of violence or fear. Immortal music of great artists can even cross temporal boundaries and captivates people of different generations. Based on this elementary character of music, it does not judge according to appearance or superficial aspects. It judges according to talent, love, and industry, which shall operate as a benchmark for everybody.  What is important for the listener, for the person who honestly loves music, is the interpretation by the composer. These shall also be the benchmarks appropriate to me. If I interpret my music and that of other artists, the process of practicing is most profound to me.

My premise is not to play and present music accurately. In fact, I want to understand it and to reveal the true character of the music I play. I want to show its beauty and aesthetics through an amalgamation of faithfulness and own emotions. Every music artist does his very best in order to achieve this aim.

I do hope that I will still be able to achieve this aim very often in my life.