Talent Music Agency

A global community of composers: Composers all around the globe are finally connected through their creativity, their passion and their love for music and can achieve a common aim.

Creating music for joy, being an artist because you love art, playing an instrument because it is your passion: This is the frame in which art should be considered, but the real world doesn't work like that. Far too often artists, their talent and their works are treated like assembly line products. Money counts more than the spiritual fullfilment.

Composers should have a community in which they can act and perform freely, play with ideas, exchange visions, maintain their ambitions and intentions, develop their knowledge and skills and live up to the pure joy of being blessed with the soul of an artist.

Composers from all over the world

The conductor and composer Samer Hatoum took this idea and made it his noble goal. Composers from all over the world come together and be successfull together. As a conductor, composer and administrator Samer Hatoum creates many connections between the composers and the orchestra. He welcomes every new talent at any level to work with to be a members of the Talent Music Agency. For more information and direct contact, please visit the website which contains all what you need to know at.

Samer Hatoum

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Skype: samerhatoum1
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