A new album: Piano Improvisations Vol.1

designed by Deniz Inan

Some time ago, I tested new microphones in my studio and improvised on my piano for a few minutes. However, I liked this improvisation so much that I recorded the same improvisation again. This time I took much more time and a new idea was born. Soon after, I recorded more piano improvisations and I created a Youtube playlist.

Initially, the improvisations were available as mp3, but over time, more and more people asked for a CD. Well, on December 6th my five piano improvisations and my orchestra transcription of Chopin's Prelude "Raindrop" will be available as a double CD in my online shop.

Just visit my shop and have a look. Of course you can have a short demo listen and all subscripers of my newsletter can listen my full albums, including my improvisations, in the member area.

Have fun with my music!!!