Anna Otchyk

The Cello of Fire - the young cellist Anna Otchyk, also known as Lady Cello, breaks the boundaries of the traditional cello performances and discovers new elements of many different music genres such as pop, dееp house and pop rock. With passion, magnificent virtuosity and full of inspiration, Anna Otchyk searches for new musical horizons and new challanges for herself and her cello.   

"My cello music is a new vision and a sense of the classical instrument in the modern world."; A. Otchyk

After working with many great music groups and bands, such as Don’t TouchUkraine Kiev National Opera Studio Artist OrchestraStrauss Orchestra, Sunshine Music Band and The International Women’s Orchestra Anna Otychk collected a lot experience as a solo artist, as the first cello of the diverse orchestra she has worked with and with many pop artists and bands. 

Currently she works on her new project called Lady Cello Project