Zeynel Demirtaş

The magical sound of the Turkish Oud - The young oud player and oud teacher Zeynel Demirtaş combines his deep musical bond to music with his academic seriousness. As an artist, performer, student and teacher Zeynel Demirtaş expands his musical knowlegde in many artistic ways. In 2016 he graduated from Haliç University Turkish Music Conservatory and currently he continues his Master degree in Turkish Music at Okan University Institute of Social Sciences.

Since 2008, he has been a student of the famous oud lecturer Yurdal Tokcan and to deepen his capabilities as a musician he gives oud lessons at the İSMEK course centers affiliated to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Futhermore he gives special oud courses both in Istanbul and abroad.

In order to receive an education in oud building Zeynel Demirtaş works as a part-time oud builder with his own special areas of the duties. Currently he works for the famous Turkish oud builder Faruk Türünz in Istanbul.