John Balnis

The Use of the Sonata Form in Popluar Music - Welcome to the Romantic Era 2.0. The young composer and pianist John Balnis embodies the modern musician as a philosopher and thinker. In his research he focuses on the development of the Sonata Form and explains its origin and its important rule during the last 200 years of music history. 

This new vision of writing and composing music led John Balnis to his new theory of the Sonata Form.

Abstract: The philosophical ideology supporting a feasible amalgamation of Classical Sonata Form and Modern-Song Verse-Chorus-Bridge Form is based on the theoretical premise that, when structured as a verse and chorus, a repeat of the verse and chorus, a bridge and a final repeat of the verse and chorus, modern song is essentially identical in overall form to classical Sonata Form, which is structured as an exposition, a repeat of the exposition, a development section and a recapitulation of the exposition, with the primary focus being the replacement of the typical song-bridge of off-topic material with a bona fide development section. J.Balnis

By combining the current Pop Song frameworks and the Sonata Form a new way of composing music and writting songs will develop and widen the understanding of all musicians. A new horizon for composers and songwriters.

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