Mădălina-Claudia Dănilă

A Lady's Touch on the Piano - Mădălina-Claudia Dănilă knows precisely how to create a balanced atmosphere to allow the audience to dive and dissolve into a true and authentic moment of musical expression. Having started at 4 years of age, Mădălina-Claudia Dănilă has been able to gather extensive knowledge while developing and perfecting a special musical touch of her own. Knowing that a great pianist is always versatile, she loves to perform solo pieces as well as chamber music. No less is to be expected from an artist who is acquainted with great musicians and performers such as Luc- Marie Aguerra (violonist), Yovann Markovitch (cellist) and Josu de Solaun. Yet, in spite of all her awards and academic success, Mădălina-Claudia Dănilă shares her vivid spark of creativity by teaching and expanding her repertoire, which contains pieces by Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Enesco, Liszt, Prokofiev, Bartok and many more.

She is currently in her 2nd year of Doctorate, researching interpretative piano skills and componistic techniques on romanian repertory over 1950. She constantly collaborates with various composers, and prominent figures of the Romanian School of Composition, playing their works with enthusiasm, and success.

Mădălina-Claudia Dănilă Awards

  • 2013 Bucharest | 1. Prize
    Ad Astra Piano Duo in ”Mihail Jora” National Competition
  • 2011 Bucharest | 2. Prize
    International Hungarian Competition und Festival

  • 2010 Milano | Special Prize of the Jury of Chamber Music
    Violin & Piano Duo - International Competition Società Umanitaria
  • 2009 Bucharest | 1. Prize & Special Prize
    ”J.S.Bach” and ”Pro Piano” International Competition

  • 2007 Marseille | 2. Prize
    ”Concours Musicale de France”
  • Between 2006 and 2009 Bucharest 
    3 Scholorships awarded by Rotary Club