Lily Nguyen

Music meets Motion - the talented young animation creator Lily Nguyen knows exactly how to put thoughts, and emotions together. She merges characters, plot, and cleverly placed turning points in a way to make the audience think, reflect, and feel.

Even the shortest clips carry deep messages so the audience can feel and follow her little animation treasures that never fail to impress. Being the extraordinary artist that she is, Lily understands the significance of music in this endeavour, knowing that it can aid the animation to bring emotions across in the most effective ways possible. However, music is not merely an accompaniment to her, she makes it part of her creative work by adjusting camera angles, speed, and lighting to emphasise the harmonic and melodic structures of the soundtracks.

She is currently a student at the Institute of the Arts in California where she is working on completing the goal of making four films in four years to tell genuine personal stories which reflect her voice and experiences. A young artist who understands the fine interplay between music and motion.