Gürkan Metin

The Turkish Poet - Gürkan Metin began his musical career when he joined the İzmir TRT Youth Choir in 2000. He also worked as a chorister at the İzmir State Opera and Ballet between 2001 and 2006. Later, he started to study piano with Fakı Can Yürük and was accepted at the Afyon Kocatepe University State Conservatory in 2006. He attended composing lessons, and has enjoyed an education at music school. He is currently working as a research assistant and postgraduate at the Trakya University State Conservatory.

His compositions reflect the deep, emotional and intellectual dialogue within the musical spirit. Inspired by the works of the 20th & 21st century, Metin seeks to create works in which his emotions and his expertise merge on a common ground. Some of his published compositions include

  • Metamorphosis, Philosophy Books 1
  • Movements for Wind Quintet
  • 35 Pieces for Eternal Recurrence Idea
  • Time Loop
  • Fragmants
  • Rupture and Rapture
  • 18 Pieces for Piano.