Emir Değirmenli

The Science of Sound - In 2003, the young gifted physicist Emir Değirmenli finished his first Maun-Akçaağaç Oud and discovered his passion for building instruments. In 2004 he graduated from the Institute of Physical Engineering at the Hacettepe University in Turkey, and began to work on combining the art of building instruments with the Physical Engineering aspects of sound research. What makes the sound of an instrument unique? What formula explains the interplay of wood and strings? What is the secret of sound?

To to find out more about these questions, and gather experience, he joined the founding staff of Gazi University Turkish Music State Conservatory in 2011. He is currently working as a lecturer, and doing research on his PhD. As one of the very few who has managed to combine science with art in such an accurate and original form, Emir Değirmenli participates in national and international academic meetings. One of his biggest scientific contributions are his plans for his "Vibration and Sound Laboratory". The aim of this laboratory will be to provide good and stable methods to analyse and evaluate results of the acoustic research of instruments.