Dominika Zamara

The charm of a Nightingale - The interplay of voice and emotion marks the special character of a singer. The young soprano singer Dominika Zamara sings with all her heart and pleases her audiences with her ethereal voice. Dominika Zamara works with numerous artistic agencies across Europe and the United States, like France, The National Theatre in Montenegro, Italy, Vienna, Spain, Las Palmas, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, France, and the Grand Theater in Los Angeles with the composer of Walt Disney - Maria Newman, and the chamber orchestra of Hollywood.

Over the course of time, she has collaborated with amazingly gifted people like the outstanding French organist Fabrice Pitrois, pianist Cezary Kwapisz, Maestro Vincev Tempera and Maestro Thomas Chun-Yu-Chen. A sparkling singer with wonderful charm and personality.