Cuong Manh Nguyen

Six Strings of Silk - Reflecting emotions and telling stories with his violin. This is the aim of the gifted vietnamese violinist and composer Cuong Manh Nguyen. His compositions engulf the audience in beautiful and deep harmonies, enjoying every note of his compositions. His works include many instruments, such as piano, guitar, voice and of course violin. He studied privately with one of the best violinists of South Vietnam named Pham Nghe and his uncle Nguyen Chi Trung after 1975. Contributors to his music include violinist Pham chi Dzung, Pham Truong Son - the head of string department of the Conservatory in Hanoi, Vietnam. His music was performed by famous musicians like Ngoc Uyen and Tanya Lynn (vocalists), Nguyen Le Ky (pianist) and Nguyen Phuong Thao (guitarist) in different shows and recitals.

Simplicity, elegance and clarity in sound and form create wonderful pieces of music and a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere of sublime art. Currently, Cuong Manh Nguyen shares his compositions on his YouTube channel and on Broadjam, which you can find below.