Abraham Naim

A young composer on his way to music - Born on 3rd of August 2000, Abraham Naim is currently studying with Prof. Thomas Reiner (Composition) and Eric Jiang (Piano). In his performances Abraham combines respect for the score with a fresh insight into the music to the highest standard of quality. His fine and mature musical expertise along with his secure technical foundation provide for meaningful interpretations of the music he plays. His repertoire includes a wide variety of composers from Bach to Scriabin, Prokofiev and Schoenberg.

Abraham’s compositions show admiration for the great romantic era of the past in harmony and form, while glancing forward to the present and future simultaneously. His catalogued works include: 3 Piano Concertos, 2 Tone Poems and numerous other works from a variety of genres including Chamber Music and Solo Instrumental Music.

In 2015 he started a collaboration with the conductor Samer Hatoum and recorded some of his compositions with an orchestra in Romania. Currently, Abraham Naim works as a private lecturer and is continuing his studies at his high school in Melbourne.