Nam-Sig Gross

The Journey of Music - Nam-Sig Gross’ journey begins at the age of 19 when she embarks on a new life in Germany, far away from her home and her family. She is driven by an insurmountable wish in her heart: to study music. She has overcome countless difficulties studying in a foreign country, managed to balance life between two cultures, carved a place for music in her heart and life, supported by her wonderfull family.

For 35 years, Nam-Sig Gross has been sharing her knowledge, and love for music with her students. She teaches them not only pieces by Bach, Mozart, and Chopin but also her philosophy of balance and sound. However, she is not only musically talented, with the support of her family she has published her first book, in which she describes the ups and downs of a life boasting with experiences, and surprises. The journey of a person who is truly and profoundly in love with music.